Thursday, 3 September 2009

A Pipe Dream Come True....

I can now declare that I've been lucky enough to be commissioned as the artist on a new 32 page American format comic book, that should see production at the beginning of 2010. It's the serialised adaptation of Dana Larsen's cannabinated hempen pastiche "Hairy Pothead & The Marijuana Stone". His original novel has been a great hit, here in the UK and in his native Canadia, graced with the brilliant artwork of Gary Wintle.

There's a few early sketches I did at the beginning of the year to secure the job posted on Flickr, that I'm already pretty certain will bear little resemblance to the finished article....merely warming up. It's a big exciting chunk of work to swallow and will be my first 'proper' comic gig....I'll post occassional samples as tasters now and then

In the meantime, if you're any kind of comic or illustration fan then check out the free PDF edition of Wasted, a grand and worthy new comic helmed by Alan Grant of 2000 AD fame and general all round Comic Allumni. It's a crying shame that there are so few mainstream British comics alive (tho' the independent realm is strong as ever)...this is a step in the right direction.

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jo said...

congrats from Jo...I found work too tho not employed am renovating and importing french woodstoves to uk and trying to encourage customers to do some sustainable fuel use.hope u have a bit of time spare to sort some postcards and cards for november for xmas marches..if not dont worry I can wait till next year...get scribbling!