Friday, 30 January 2009

Cornish Giants are in the air...
 that I seem to have encountered numerous mentions of such beasties recently, or had mail from 3 tale tellers to whom they are staple and discussed a paper toy range of same, all in the last three weeks. Not unusual, one might think, considering I live in Cornwall. But giants are increasingly rare these days, I kid you not...I've hung around for days waiting for one to amble along without hope, sighting or packed lunch...and then you get three come barreling along all at once.

Posted here is a newly finished page submission towards a possible kids' book on the theme. I've posted a full gallery of the Evolution Of A Page from first rough pencils to painted artwork as a bit of a demo of how I work.

Maybe I'll tuck the year of the Ox in me back pocket and declare this the Cornish Year of The Giant...if you're going to take new steps, might as well make 'em big ones!

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