Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Rainbow Stone

My cover design and a selection of illustrations commissioned as chapter headings for Nan Rudden's children's book The Rainbow Stone, published by 'Palores Publications' in Redruth.

As well as the internal illustrations and the cover artwork I also provided the cover layout and the blurb for the back cover, as well as finally pinning down a format for the barcode and publisher's logo which Palores then adopted as a standard across their range of titles.

The tale itself is a marvellous story of dark ages adventure. This was Nan's first publication for children and she was a total joy to work for, displaying a wealth of charm, dignity and intellect that was a breath of fresh air to encounter in these bustling and technologically overwhelming times. A seriously recommended read!
'The Rainbow Stone' on Amazon

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Frugal Life UK said...

Hi - when did you illustrate this book>? have I missed something?


This would have been back in 2008 when I was still doing occassional work with Palores in Redruth. A great story by a fascinating lady.