Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cornish Noggin

Cornish NogginOriginally uploaded by Bigfoot Studio
In this particular neck of Ruralshire the local Gorsedd have been fending off criticism of wafflerey and plain bloody lack of gumption; it does strike me as odd that a gathering of bards should gather once a year to be bag-piped into their ceremonial circle, sky blue robes all a flap and a flurry, only to reverently sing their great cultural anthem accompanied by the strains of a wobbly C60 cassette whistling through an agricultural show PA system. But then, pride in your roots and your heritage has got to be a good thing in any form where the intent is positive. So just to whip up the national spirit a little more, Bigfoot Studio proudly present your genyooine tartan kilted Cornish Noggin, great for the dashboard of the ex-pat's old jallopy, or a perfect Kernewek diva for the family altar. Download your Cornish Noggin here, fire it off your printer and make yourself a new friend from Kernow today.

NB: You'll need to open the jpg file in a publishing package once it's downloaded, and then drag out the file to A4 or size of choice. It's a reasonable res' on the image...but if anyone can advise me how to use Google Docs to share PDFs via public links I'd be really grateful :)

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