Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bigfoot Prints

The March of The Noggins Continues
Originally uploaded by Bigfoot StudioGreat excitement in the Bigfoot burrow... and as plans coalesce, a little bit more can be revealed. Bigfoot Studio paper toys are about to appear as a mass production funky eco-toy, produced on highest quality hemp paper, and distributed around the UK with the very likely possibilities of some European distribution too.

This has been a great whirlwind of a sea change (to mix my meteorological metaphors) over a very short number of weeks, from touting my hand finished prototype stock around venues in Cornwall, to being invited to collaborate with a paper goods manufacturer in the South West to relaunch under their banner. A lot of plans are pinned to the wall at the moment, but things are going to be grown slow and steady to see how this new business relationship goes; so far my experience has been one of working with someone and a business that have a depth and quality of integrity and character that I thought extinct long ago. No names at the moment as there is a whole bunch of legal trademarky stuff to be locked down first, and it seems the world of paper goods is as fraught with shades and hues of industrial espionage as much as any other trade.

So keep an eye out on the shelves, folks...or check back here from time to time. Plenty more freebies to come to complement the range!!

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