Tuesday, 15 July 2008

We Three Free Wee Men

Is it a bird?
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Bigfoot Studio

Nimrod, Bob & Commander Zap....3 seems a good number to start the first on-line sharing of Bigfoot Studio paper toys.

Commander Zap comes from my boyhood loves of the old Flash Gordon cinema serials, Michael Moorcock's Martian series and Hawkwind of the Bob Calvert era.

Greasy Bob is a nod to the incredible Japanese Rock-a-Billy, Teddy Boy tribes that pose in the parks on the weekends...as well as an homage to all the surviving Brylliantined, Triumph polishing, oily fingered bad boys who survive in the corners of transport cafs, where the cobwebs hang so thickly they make that 'shoo-wop-shoo-wop' sound that brings an achey breaky feeling to the heart.

Nimrod Jones - Circus Strongman: Once shared a farmhouse with a bunch of likely types, as you do, when one dark & stormy night, Ian shared tales of his grandfather: a fairground strongman in the 1900's....take on all comers in the ring. Men paid to see how many rounds they could go with him; not many. He was 'chapel' and his name was Nimrod...my tribute to a lost world of mad Victorian gentlemen. Surnames have been changed to protect the innocent.

So out with the sharp implements and stikcy things, bosh some card in the printer & build away!!

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