Tuesday, 15 July 2008

School's Out! It must be time for... The Gerbil Warning

As the Summer Holiday season in the UK rolls around once more, and all the local youth and tackers go free range and feral again, many parents struggle to balance their family & work commitments.How long can little Tarquin, Wayne, Zack, Connor, Kylie, Kaylee, Kali, Kelly, Jocasta be safely trusted, left alone, self-supervised, otherwise occupied, locked in, left, stashed, or dealt with humanely for those endless, drawn out, honey-coloured sunlight days?

As well as the endless high brow forums down the local Spar shop (Serious Debate - 8 Til Late) on whether Grand Theft Auto is either an enriching or dehumanising experience for a seven year old home alone all day (just him, the fridge and the PS2.Quark), there is also the school of thought that a pet provides company, entertainment and responsibility for a listless, holiday wracked child....

DON'T be fooled.....if you're one of those parents who thinks they can just wander out the door and leave little Ben, Den, Len, Ken, Heathcote, Hannah, Shanna, Lavanna, Deanna, & Venetia on their tod with a lap full of rodents for chaperone.....then this poster from the Public Information Desk of Bigfoot Studio's Militant Com's dept is a timely reminder for YOU!

gerbil warning
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