Friday, 15 January 2010

New items from the coal bunker:

In a steampunkish vein I've dug out some old memorabilia from my great uncle's days in the Steam Flying Corps, from out of his old airman's chest down in the cellar. After tidying and restoring I thought I'd release a few retro items as prints and t-shirts, etc. This is the first of several in the pipeline: recruitment poster for Her Majesty's Science Rangers: Flying Corps. It features Major Tennessee Orville Monkfish, commander of the H.M.A.S. Reckless Endeavour. My great-uncle apparently served as his cabin boy for several months on first joining the corps. There were rumours of a copy of this poster that my uncle got the old major to sign, but we think it probably ended up at the bottom of the budgie cage, along with a stack of old fliers for corrective galvanic corsets.
Available as prints, posters and tees over at Red Bubble.

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