Sunday, 21 December 2008

New illustrative work

A Walk Around Britain is the My Space page and online point of reference for Ed, Will an Ginger. If you've not met or heard of these guys then it's well worth a call for a taste of their ethos and incredible singing.

I lived outdoors for 12 years of my life (albeit under canvas, with a much cherished wood-burner), but these guys are are uber-hedgers in my book...often foraging as they go, undertaking great meandering voyages through the British landscape, connecting and enheartening most of the folk of they meet with songs and stories and favours bartered.

I really do believe that walking the footpaths and trails of the land as they do, that these guys are maintaining some vital function in the Great Matter of Albion....and their renditions of The Grey Funnel Line and John Barleycorn do raise hairs in that way that thunderstorms are wont to do......elemental and then some.

I was really flattered recently to be asked to contribute to the artwork for their forthcoming CD.

New pencil, gouache & Flash portraits at my galleries on Flickr.

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